James Brown?

James Brown?

Apparently, James Brown was a ‘sole man’. Strange sexual preference, but whatever inflates your balloon I suppose… I’m more of a leg man myself; I do like them to be attached to a body, that’s kind of important for me. If just a pair of legs turned up for a date that would be a total deal-breaker I’m afraid.

Funny how no one every says ‘I’m a fanny man.’ Plenty of ball boys around these days though. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I recently broke the news to my mum that I wasn’t gay, she was absolutely devastated. She kept asking me why I couldn’t be a normal proud gay man like my brother.  I told her that my brother was happily married to a woman and they have two children! Mum replied that it was just a phase he was going through and he would soon grow out of it.

I eventually cracked and told her that I was just experimenting, but if it turned out that I was really straight then she would have to accept me for who I really am as I am not prepared to live a lie!  

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